Swipe2Pay mPOS Service

Monet, through its mPOS solution, is catering to the market need for digitization of cash based payments with ease and convenience – for banks, merchants as well as consumers.

In a market this fast moving, it becomes essential to offer banks and merchants extra services. This differentiates you from innovators, who cannot offer the full range of services. Monet provides you a complete mPOS service built around mobile technology which will empower banks to serve the underdeveloped market of small and micro businesses. With it, banks will be able to offer a range of value-added services going forward to retain their merchants – and to acquire new ones.

Monet offers an mPOS solution that can either be integrated to a bank’s existing POS deployment or we can create a white-label,out of the box solution. Regardless of how a bank’s payment infrastructure is arranged, Monet can connect to it, while making sure the bank’s brand is suitably displayed to customers.

Merchants can also directly utilize Monet mPOS services to go truly mobile and watch customer experiences and sales rise. Mobile point-of-sale allows for additional revenue streams through delivery services, outdoor sales events, trade shows or vendor events, and securely accepts any type of cards including credit, debit or prepaid cards (both Magstripe or EMV).